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USB - Universal Serial Bus
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USB or Universal Serial BUS is a serial and female port that can be use for any peripheral available in both Macs and PCs. It is one of the newest and faster computer available. It is slower than a FireWire port but is more than adequate for the type of peripherals for which it was designed for.

In many ways have come to replace the standard parallel (LPT) and Serial (COM) ports, including printer, keyboard and mouse ports, having a much faster communication capabilities. Its speed goes up to 12 mbits/sec. The socket (and proper plug) in the computer has the shape of a thin a rectangle (called "Series A") measuring about 1/2 inch by 1/8 inch and are usually located on the back of your computer. Some computers also have USB ports located on their fronts (MAC in the side). When given a choice, it is suggested that the ports on the back be used so the ones in the front are available to plug a mobile device like a camera.

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Notice that USB ports have 4 pins and the shape of a thin a rectangle

USB socket picture


-->2 USB ports)

USB plug picture

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This is the symbol that will allow you to recognize a USB port wherever it is present.

USB symbol picture


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It has the capability of "hot plugging" which is the ability for plugging and unplugging a device without powering down. Now there are many motherboards than came with 2 USB ports available, being common in both Mac and PCs. USB devices are self-identifying, and USB is Plug-and-Play compliant, which means that installation and configuration of USB peripherals will be relatively easy.

USB cables also carry power, so you don't need extra cables or transformers. · USB ports on your computer will work with any USB peripheral that you want to plug into it.

USB is also "hot-swappable": you can plug stuff in or out without turning off the computer

One disadvantage is that is has to use a Windows98 or higher operative system and Windows NT doesn't support USB.

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Common Peripherals:

Even though USB supports any peripheral so far the most common ones that come with a connection for this ports are printers, digital cameras an mouses.


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You just bought a new printer that comes with both USB and LPT port connections. You are not sure which cord to use, but you notice a symbol on the package that represents the USB port. What does that symbol look like?

practice picture
practice picture
practice picture

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Definition - Pictures - Symbol - Advantages - Common Peripherals - Practice

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